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He took the plunge into insurance selling in 1997 but with limited social contacts spreading his wings was getting difficult. Not the one to give up so easily Rajeev Arya decided to approach existing LIC customers to service their recurring needs related to premium payments, maturity, survival benefits etc. ‘Since the servicing aspect was much ignored then by many, I made up my mind to adopt it as my strength and soon realised I had hit bulls eye.’
It was just the right approach road to success and yes it did pay off very well. Soon people who never even gave him a hearing trusted him with their issues related to servicing of LIC policies. ‘Not just that, earlier people bought insurance mainly for tax saving purposes and I wanted that this notion to change. By working out the human value I made them realize the importance of having adequate insurance as a safety net.’

Soon his sincerity and perseverance paid off well.
Customers approached him not only for their insurance requirements but also for advise on any financial purchase. That was a turning point. Business began to flourish. With more and more referrals pouring in through word-of-mouth publicity business began to boom.

Computerization was in and Arya appointed more staff to cater to the increasing workload. Apart from selling the right insurance cover after ascertaining the human value, thrust was on timely collection of premium, handling over receipts, making important reminders for survival benefits, maturity payments to clients and of course regular follow-up exercises - something he believes should not be taken lightly.

During the year 2002-03 Arya sold around 350 policies with sum assured of around 7.5 crores and got the opportunity to attend the MDRT convention at San Francisco. Today he has over 1100 clients spread across the country and has sold over 2000 policies and continues to service another 2000 old policies of his clients - his future prospects.

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